On Saturday, February 18th, the Edmondson family (18 Blue) was walking to their hotel after Day 1 of a volleyball event in St. Louis when an unthinkable accident occurred. A driver drove through a yield sign and struck a car. That car struck Janae. Her mother and father were with her as she was rushed to an area hospital. Janae suffered critical injuries.

We are thankful to report that her condition, though serious, is now stable. We at Mid TN Volleyball Club are asking our community, to pray for Janae, her family, and her teammates. The whole club loves Janae and values her athletic gifts, toughness, determination, and perseverance. These are things she will need in great measure during the long recovery that lies ahead.

We are so grateful for the support of local authorities and the Capitol Sports Center Staff for their help during this very difficult time.

At the request of the family, please keep focus on prayers for Janae and allow for comfortable space as they cope. In the next few days, a GoFundMe account will be established to help the Edmondson family with medical bills and other financial needs. For questions, please call 267.679.0136 or go to midtnvbc.com.

Thank you,

Mid TN Volleyball Club