We have exciting news! Here is what was said Janae's mom said in her own words:

"We are finally back in Tennessee. She is still in the hospital healing and addressing some additional health concerns. We appreciate your continued prayers for healing. The struggles change from day to day, but it is still a step forward to be home where she can start seeing family and friends. Please keep praying for my baby."


I am happy to say that Janae Edmondson has moved to rehab today. We are so glad for her to be taking the next step toward recovery. The road is going to be a long and difficult but it is one we have to take to get her home and back to her life.
The physical and emotional toll has been beyond measure for all of us but she is a warrior and we are so proud of how she has faced it. Her strength is beyond measure. We thank everyone for all that you have done for her and our family. Prayer has brought us this far but she still needs so much prayer to get through this.

Our son Scoot Edmondson is still in ICU and is trying to get well. He also has a long road ahead to become well. Please continue to pray for his quick healing.

We thank you all for your support and ask for your continued prayers. We thank you so much.