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Training Options

MidTN Training Options

Private Lesson (Monday- Thursday - 8am-4pm some Sundays 9am-2:00) are one-on-one coach and player one-hour training sessions.

VolleyTots April 29-May 22, 5:00pm-6:00pm (Mon & Wed) 8 sessions $80 or individual $12 a session

This program is designed for those players who are not quite strong enough to get the ball over the net yet.   Basic fundamentals are taught to these beginners as we enhance their motor skill development and hand eye coordination.  Volley Tots usually meets for an hour twice a week.  It is a wonderful way to introduce younger girls to the game that might not have previously been exposed.  However, this program is specific to strength not age.  A smaller lighter ball is used to help teach at this level.

Spring League April 29-May 22 (Mon &Wed) 6:00-8:30) 8- 2 ½ hour sessions $250  Spring League is wonderful for girls of various skill levels.  It is designed for the player who is physically strong enough to get the ball over the net who is looking to improve on the basics of volleyball.  Fundamentals are taught as players learn about each position.  Individual girls will be divided into teams, or you can register with your own team of 8 players.  Typically league players will be divided into 2-3 skill levels. Players will focus on skills one night & team court awareness the other night which will be controlled scrimmage play.  Because this is a local league, it is perfect for those who wish to play but are unable to commit at the club travel level.   League meets twice a week for 2 ½ hours each night. 

Sand Training

*1st session (April 30-May 23 (Tu-Thurs) 5:00-7:00) 8 sessions $175

*2nd session (June 4-June 20th (Tu-Thurs) 5:00-7:00) 6 sessions $135

Tournament play will be an additional cost for each tournament, However, MIDTN offer tournaments are free for MIDTN teams. Players may choose to play in tournaments of their choice. MIDTN will recommend a list of tournaments.

Sand Training is for the volleyball player who has previous experience that wants to challenge herself in a different environment.   The rules of sand volleyball are taught while the girls are learning to play 2 on 2 beach volleyball.  This is a great way to condition your body and develop speed in preparation for court ball, too.  Many colleges are now offering sand scholarships as this sport is growing rapidly in this area.  Sand Training meets twice a week.

Team Camp

MIDTNVBC is available to hold team camps for your school.  Just have your coach contact us if they would like to do so.  This is a great way for teams to learn to work together and to improve their individual skill sets. We have top level coaches that can help design a camp just for your teams needs.