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Boost Middle School Training

What is the Middle School Boost Program?

“Boost” is scheduled to offer an extension to the fall middle school training season via high level instruction, matched competition and a multitude of reps (without the school affiliation).  This opportunity is very different from our annual fall league.  The Mid TN Fall League is a recreational league which offers training and team competition, but the goal of this league is to create opportunities for kids to learn more about volleyball and play.

The Boost Training Program will be a high-intensity training program focusing on advanced team tactical concepts such as serve and pass strategies, managing out of system situations, reading the game to become a better blocker/defender, etc.  Although these are examples of what we will be covering in the program, the curriculum will not be limited to these areas of training. Our focus is to train the concepts athletes need to understand in order to be competitive at a national level of competition. The girls will have opportunities to perform all skills in individual and group scenarios as well as competitive situations performing skill and/or concept in a live situation.

Those participating in this program should be athletes with advanced athleticism or those with club experience who aspire to make a national club team in the area.

In order to maximize reps and instructional time, attendance for the Boost Training will have a capped total number of athletes each week.  In our recent trainings, we have received much positive feedback due to our favorable player to coach ratio.  This has and will facilitate more contacts and more individualized attention for each participant.  We will focus on the process, rather than the result, allowing athletes a safe environment where they can be free to learn, try new things and push themselves beyond their comfort zones

Boost Middle School Training Information

Grades:  6, 7 and 8th

Dates: 9/27, 9/29, 10/11& 10/13

Times: 7:00-8:45

Cost: All In - $100 / Per Diem - $30

Registration: will open 9/16/21

*If the registration is not showing below, please refresh your browser.