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Programs Offered

MIDTN Program Options

Mid TN offers a variety of programs throughout the year to help your athlete continue to grow and improve in the sport. There are 5 main programs and each lasts at least a month or more depending on the training.

  • Club Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Volley Tots
  • Academies (Winter & Spring)
  • Leagues (Fall) 

Each of these lead into one another so that your kid can participate at any time and continue to learn new skills and build off of previous sessions. The list below details when these programs take place every year. The exact dates are announced roughly 6 weeks prior to the first session. 

Volley Tots: (Ages 11 and younger) 
Winter: December - January
Spring: March - April 
Summer: June - July 
Fall: September - November 
Academy Training:  (Ages 12 - 18)
Winter: December - February
Spring: March - June 
Fall League:  (Ages 12 - 18)
August - September